Keen On now On LitHub Radio!

I'm thrilled that my Keen On podcast has been selected as one of the twelve featured shows on Lithub radio - the audio channel of the world's most popular literary website. The partnership will begin this month and all my shows, including the current interview with political strategist Ian Bremmer, will be carried on the channel. Later this month, I'll be interviewing Douglas Rushkoff, the author Team Human and Ece Temelkuran, the author of How To Lose a Country. Please subscribeto the show and, if you enjoy it, leave a review. Please also suggest future guests.

My How To Fix Democracy video series continues to be a lot of fun. Recent interviews include former US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Norm Eisen and the New York Times columnist Ivan Krastev. Earlier this month, I interviewed Madeleine Albright, Tzipi Livni and Malcolm Rifkind at Albright's Aspen Ministers Forum. So a lot more great stuff to be broadcast here too.

I'm currently in Copenhagen where I'm speaking today at the Next M conference. Yesterday, I was in Aarhus kicking off Internet Week Denmark. I'm in New York City next week if anyone's around. Then, on May 23, I'll be at the AT&T Foundry in Mexico City for our first non-US Futurecast featuring the Mexican social entrepreneur Antonio Murad. So May, as always, is a crazy month.

Shame about the Arsenal, eh?

COYS tonight!!!