What's coming next?

My HOW TO FIX video series is taking me all over the world. The latest stop on the global tour is Cambridge, England, where I spoke to university politics professor David Runciman about the contemporary crisis of democracy. It's a really enlightening conversation with one of the world's most authoritative thinkers about democracy and its discontents. I promise (money back guarantee) that it will distract you from ephemera like Jeff B and his Pecker. 

My new weekly KEEN ON podcast is also nicely getting into its stride. My latest interviews are with four authors: Kenn Cukier (Big Data), David Goodhart (Road To Somewhere), Tom Baldwin (Alt, Ctrl, Delete) and Parag Khanna (The Future Is Asian). Not sure if Parag is right about this Asian future, but our feisty conversation was conducted in the very heart of Europe -  in Munich at the DLD conference. So please subscribe subscribe subscribe to KEEN ON. Once is never enough. 

My future, at least this month, will certainly be Asian. As one of the Gods of Digital and Branding, I'll be speaking at the International Advertising Association summit in the south Indian city of Cochi on February 22. The event asks: "What Is Coming Next?" Hope you'll be in Cochi to hear more.