Springtime in NYC

I'm just back from a book tour of Singapore and Australia where the Australian newspaper ran a series of features about How To Fix The Future. My Singapore Management University Presidential lecture was also well received and I did a ton of tv and radio in both Australia and Singapore as well, particularly on the growing Facebook-crisis. 

The book continues to get a lot of media attention in the US. I particularly enjoyed this CSPAN interview with my dear friend Chris Schroeder. I liked this Mashable podcast too as well as this Click BBC show. My interview with Sonoma neighbour Leo Laporte on Triangulation is also great. And this Wikipedia interview is fun, especially since i'm described as both provocative and prescient. Blush.

There's no better place to be in the spring, of course, than New York City. And I'll be there several times between now and mid May. In the evening of April 23, I'm doing a Facebook-crisis summit with John Borthwick, Susan Crawford and Roger McNamee to launch Betaworks' amazing new studio club in the heart of NYC's Meatpacking district. On April 26, I'm keynoting the DCN Content Everywhere event. On May 2, I'm doing a How To Fix The Future panel at DLD New York. Then on May 15, I'm keynoting LUMA partners' Digital Media Summit. So very much looking forward to seeing all my NYC based friends over the next few weeks who, I trust, will guarantee me California quality weather. 

Happy Spring!