How To Fix The Future

I'm thrilled to announce that my new book, How To Fix The Future, will be released on February 5 in the US and March 6 in the UK. Rather than another critique of contemporary technology, it focuses on how people all over the world - from Estonia to Singapore to India to Brussels and Silicon Valley - are solving the most pressing problems of the digital revolution. I travelled 200,000 miles and interviewed more than 100 entrepreneurs, technologists and politicians to research the book. So it's packed with practical solutions to everything from surveilliance capitalism and fake news to internet addiction and the existential threat of artificial intelligence. 

Pre publication reviews have been very positive. It just got a starred review on Kirkus Reviews - the publishing industry's gold standard for reviewing new books. "Valuable insights on preserving our humanity in a digital world," Kirkus concluded. Booklist described it as "complex yet accessible" and Leonardo da Vinci author Walter Isaacson called the book "bracing" saying it "offers tools for righting our societies and principles to guide us into the future."

I've already got quite a busy schedule for the first half of next year, so please let me know if you want to book a How To Fix The Future speech. Journalists should email if they want review copies. And all early orders or would also, of course, be much appreciated.