September strolls and saunters

Happy September! As always, my month is really hectic. I'm in Berlin at this coming weekend, speaking at TEDx on Sunday 9/6, at the Adlershof on Monday evening 9/7 about my new book, and at IFA Summit on the morning of Tues 9/8 in a debate about big data. I'm back in Bay Area on 9/10 for our first Futurecast of the Fall, featuring the Stanford professor of creativity Tina Seelig. I'm in Detroit 9/15 for the Techonomy conference, where I'm moderating a couple of panels about the future of work and mobile connectivity. And then I'm back in Europe the following week: speaking at Osterreichische Medientage on 9/23, the Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft in Zurich on 9/24, and the Gothenburg book fair on 9/26-27, to launch the Swedish language version of my book. 

I'm particularly excited by my Futurecast event with Tina Seelig on 9/10 in Palo Alto. Her new book about creativity, Insight Out, is a great read and her publisher has generously donated copies to the first 50 people who arrive at the Foundry that evening. So please RSVP and make sure you come early, not only for the networking drinks and nibbles, but also to get a free copy of Tina's new book. 

I'm also excited to have just launched a new TechcrunchTV interview show entitled INNOVATE2016. The show focus on the impact of disruptive technology on the upcoming election and early interviews include the CrowdPAC CEO Steve Hilton, political pundit Larry Downes, and Zignal Labs CEO Josh Ginsberg. Upcoming guests will include prominent Presidential candidates from both parties, so this should be a really fun series.

Hope to catch you somewhere, sometime this month.