What's the question?

With Uber's new $50 billion valuation, we urgently need a sanity check on the sharing economy. Here's my take in this morning's Wall Street Journal on why Uber is bad for working people. Here's my explanation on this yesterday's NBC Press Here show on why Silicon Valley is compounding inequality. And here's my argument on this Saturday's WGBH Innovation Hub show on why the Internet is definitely not the answer. 

So is smart technology (except this email, of course) making us dumb? Nick Carr and I will be in New York this coming Wednesday (May 13) evening arguing that it does. We won't take any prisoners and I trust this Intelligence Squared debate will be a bloodbath. The event is sold out, but I can probably wangle a few media passes if you ask nicely. Then (if I survive), I'll be back in the Bay Area next Wednesday (May 20), speaking at Kepler's bookstore in the evening and doing a public interview with Angie Coiro in Kepler's at lunchtime. 

For the rest of May, I'll be in Europe. On May 23, I'm in Milan where I'll be exposing the nuovi plutocrati del web at Wired's NextFest conference.
 And from sunny Italy, I'll be treking to rainy Wales, where, on May 25, I'm speaking at the Hay Festival. My question at Hay: "What's The Question?"

So perhaps you can help me prepare for Hay in May. What, exactly, is the question?