Yes, be very very scared. You see, the robots are coming and they will destroy our livelihood. That, at least, is the premise of an Intelligence Squared debate I'm doing with Walter Isaacson, George Magnus and Pippa Malgrem in London on Monday evening. If you happen to be around, I think there are still a few tickets left. If not, it will be broadcast on BBC World in the next couple of weeks. And to get you really horrified, read my "March of the Robots" warning in the Sunday Times, which ran last weekend. 

I'm in Europe all of next week. On Tuesday, I'm off to Barcelona where I'm compering an Ericsson event about the impact of video on wireless technology at the Mobile World Conference. On Wednesday, I'm being interviewed about The Internet Is Not The Answer in Barcelona. On Thursday, I'm back in London where I'll be interviewed by Google's European Head of Communications Peter Barron about my book at a special Google grilling. Then on Thursday evening, I'm at the Bath Literature Festival where I'll be involved in a debate about whether we've reached digital overload. No prizes for guessing which side of this debate I'll be on. 

The book continues to make waves. The Great Internet SwindleThe Guardian wrote about it, while the paper's weekly podcast show was dedicated to a conversation with me.  And there have been numerous other podcastsreviews and interviews. Last weekend, I even had an essay about how the Internet is "destroying" us published in the Daily Mail which, in true DM fashion, ellicited much outrage. 

Be afraid, be very afraid.