Spiders & Socialites

Gentleman's Quarterly just came out with their 100 Most Connected Men of 2015.  Listed amongst the notable "spiders" & "socialites" was yours truly - who GQ described as the "most famous British tech voice in the US". Ha! That's like being backhanded as "the most famous US intellectual voice in Britain". In our listicle culture, I'll take it though. Next year, my ambition is to make their 100 Worst Dressed Men list. 

No review for The Internet Is Not The Answer in GQ. But many other newspapers - including The San Francisco ChronicleThe Guardian and the London Sunday Times (paywall) - have all run very complimentary TIINTA reviews and interviews in the last few days. And just to balance things out, my frenemy Matt Ingrams lists six reasons why I'm wrong, while the Los Angeles Times brutalized the book. I'm still waiting for the review that describes TIINTA as an epic fucking fail. It will come, of course.

I'm in the UK and Ireland this week, launching the English language version of TIINTA. My dear friend Julia Hobsbawn is putting on a sold-out event at News Corp on Wednesday evening. I'm then in Boston next Tuesday, speaking at MIT and the Harvard Bookstore. And on Wednesday & Thursday of next week, I'm at the Rebooting Congress institutionalized insurrection in DC, where I'll be moderating sessions on big data and network neutrality. It promises to be an intriguing uprising. Other DC insurrectionists include those truly epic fails Ted Cruz & Rand Paul.