Happy New Year!!

and let's hope it's a good for all of us.

2015 was certainly a great year for me. The Internet Is Not The Answer has exceeded all my expectations in terms of both sales and reviews. The book got into a number of "best of the year" lists including Kazuo Ishiguro who wrote that it was "the most compelling, persuasive and passionately negative thing I've yet read on this topic." It also featured centrally in this week's Washington Post piece about the new movement ofdigital dissenters. Much more to come in 2016 including paperback editions in the UK & US as well as Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese language editions.

2015 was also a great year for Futurecast including memorable interviews with Steve CaseBen Jealous andDavid Hornik. Futurecast starts early in 2016 with a Monday January 4 event at the AT&T Developer conference in Las Vegas featuring my old friend Robert Scoble. Sign up has been amazing, so let me know if you want a ticket. 

Other personal highlights of 2015 include my new Techcrunch show, INNOVATE2016, focusing on the intersection of tech and the upcoming Presidential election. This month I was in Las Vegas for the Republican debate. I also flew to Baltimore to talk with Martin O'Malley and plan to interview a number of the other candidates in early 2016. I've also started a new column on The Next Web with recent pieces about digital addiction and unemployment

And there's much more to come in early 2016. I'll be interviewing the French Economics minister Emmanuel Macron at CES in the evening of Wednesday January 6. Then I'll be in Munich for DLD where I'll be moderating a panel about "The New World Order" on Sunday January. So hope to see you somewhere in the early new year.

Happy New Year!!