My newsletter makes news

I write a monthly newsletter which you sign up for here. My September newsletter made news with former FT journalist Tom Foremski suggesting on ZDNet that I get paid up to $50,000 for my speaking gigs. "There's gold in techno-pessimism", Foremski thus notes about my packed schedule. And October, I'm pleased to report, continues to be golden. Already this month I've given speeches in London, Amsterdam and Southampton University and this weekend I'm in London for The Battle of Ideas festival where I'm doing a panel about the future of big ideas. Next week I'm in Chicago for a debate about education with David Weinberger at the Learning 3.0 conference and I end the month in Osaka, speaking about financial privacy at the Sibos conference. According to Foremski's maths, then, I'll earn around $350,000 in October. Not bad for a vulgar techno-pessimist, eh?

And November is equally golden. I'm in Belgium and Holland for the first half of the month, launching the Dutch version of Digital Vertigo. I'm speaking at iMinds in Ghent on November 8, TEDx Brussels on November 12, Media & Learning Brussels on November 14 and the BorderSessions festival in The Hague on November 16. I'm then in Istanbul on November 21 for a speech about education at the Kalite Kongresi and in Guadalajara on November 23 to speak at the Iberoamerican Publishers Conference.

Getting from Istanbul to Guadalajara in 24 hours might be tricky. But I guess I can always buy a private jet.

Hope to see some of you in the next few weeks. Drinks on me, of course.