Digital Vertigo tour comes to Bay Area

I'm just back from Brussels, where I keynoted an ICOMP event and crossed swords with Erica Mann, Facebook's top lobbyist at the EU, at the Personal Democracy Forum. But my most viral Facebook moment this week was the publication of a rather naughty CNN piece about the "Zucking-Up of the Human Race" which, ironically, has already racked up almost 18,000 "likes" on Facebook itself. Other highlights this week include three really fabulous features on Digital Vertigo: the first with Anne Trubek at The Barnes and Noble Review, the second with Ian Burrell of the London Independent, the third with Jamillah Knowles on BBC Five Live's Outriders Show, and fourth with Imran Garda on Al-Jazeera's The Stream. This weekend, The Digital Vertigo tour pulls into the Bay Area. Tomorrow, on Sunday  June 3 (4.00-6.00 pm), I'm at the Hillside Club in Berkeley speaking with the illustrious filmmaker Tiffany Shlain and EFF board member Brad Templeton. On Monday June 4 (5.00-7.00pm), I'm in conversation with CEO Michael Fertik at his Silicon Valley HQ (1001 Marshall St, Redwood City, CA 94063). On Tuesday, June 5, I'm debating Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow at the Economist's Information 2012 in San Francisco. On Wednesday, June 6, I'm in Petaluma, live on Leo Laporte's Triangulation TWiT show. And then on Thursday morning June 7, I'm in Napa, on a panel about online privacy and our right to be forgotten at The Tech Policy Summit.

So I hope I'll see many Bay Area folks somewhere this week. Both the Hillside Club and the events promise to be particularly fun, with drinks, book signing and lots of time to chat. So please let me know if you can come.