Peter Stern: How Cable TV Can Win Back Our Trust

As the Chief Strategy Officer at Time Warner Cable, Peter Stern is responsible for planning the long term future of America’s second largest cable company. Much of his job involves rebuilding both the appearance and reality of the cable industry in a 21st century world of ubiquitous online video and revolutionary consumption devices like the iPad.

Stern is at his most provocative in his acknowledgement that cable needs to rebuild trust with its customers. In our interview last week, he spoke about Time Warner Cable’s commitment to providing their customers with what he calls the “4 anys”: being able to watch any video content, anytime, on any device, anywhere. Most importantly, he stressed that a traditional cable provider like Time Warner Cable needed to change from selling products to providing their customers with great experiences such as his company’s new personal solutions agents.

This is the second part of a two part interview with Peter Stern. Check out yesterday’s interview, in which Stern explains why cable has a future and why it is the least expensive form of legal entertainment.