Top Brits in Tech

For some unfathomable reason, neither of the two most influential Britons in technology were on the Telegraph’s top 50 most influential Britons in technology list.The first omission is quite inexcusable. Mike Moritz,the Welsh born, Oxford educated partner at Sequoia Capital, the iconic Silicon Valley venture capitalist who invested early in Yahoo!, PayPal, Google and YouTube, wasn’t included on the list. Nor was John Borthwick, the London born founder of the New York City based Betaworks which - as an investor in, Tweetdeck, Summize and Stocktwits - is the most influential incubator of the rapidly evolving real-time economy.

It’s the British disease, of course, to turn up our noses at the dull money men and focus on the glitter of Twitter celebs like Stephen Fry (#20) or the silly wealth of celeb entrepreneurs like Richard Branson (#21). Indeed, there wasn’t a single venture capitalist or early-stage investor in the top 50 list......