Information Politics: The definining issue of our age

What is the greatest political question of our age? According to AmeliaAndersdotter, the Swedish Pirate Party’s candidate elect for the European Assembly, that question is “informational politics”.

Andersdotter may well be correct. While the environment was certainly the most powerful single political issue of the last part of the 20th century, today it is increasingly clear that information politics – issues pertaining to the just distribution and manageable of data on the electronic network – is quickly becoming the most controversial and divisive issue of the early 21st century.

“It’s the biggest issue of our generation,” Andersdotter explained to me when I recently interviewed her in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg. Her meteoric career in the Swedish Pirate Party certainly supports such a dramatic statement. Joining the nascent party in early 2006, Andersdotter has now been elected to the European Assembly and, and will take her seat in Brussels early next year provided the Irish ratify the Lisbon Treaty in their October referendum.

So what, exactly, is information politics?