Twestival: improving the world with social networks

On the Internet, everything is viral. Last September, Amanda Rose, a Canadian entrepreneur and social media graduate student, organized a “Twestival” (a Twitter-Festival) in London to raise money for charity. Organized in two weeks, the first Twestival attracted 250 people who, having connected via Rose and some of her friends on Twitter, then met in real life in Trafalgar Square to help raise cash for a homeless charity.

“We raised £1,000 and 14 boxes of canned foods,” Rose explained when she spoke to me from Toronto over Skype yesterday.

12 months later and Twestival has, quite literally, gone global. This weekend, 133 cities around the world - from Rio de Janeiro to Toronto to Dubai to Copenhagen – are celebrating Twestivals which all will raise money for local causes. Rose is aiming to raise a collective $400,000 this weekend from what she is calling “Twestival Local” – a not unrealistic target given that the Twestival website attracted over half a million visitors in August and is projecting an additional million visitors this month.....

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