The Greying of Social Media

Finally some good news from the world wide web: social media is greying. US analytics group Forrester Researchissued a report on Tuesday which revealed that engagement in social networks by people aged between 35 and 54 shot up 60% last year. While web research firm comScore reports that only 11% of Twitter users are between 12 and 17 - the traditional sweet spot of social media early adoption. Even Facebook and MySpace are maturing with only 9% of Facebook and 14% of MySpace users now being teenagers.

“The traditional early-adopter model would say that teenagers or college students are really important to adoption,” Andrew Lipsman, director of industry analysis at comScore told the New York Times. “A site can take off in a different demographic than you expect and become very popular…. Twitter is defying the traditional model.”

And it’s not just Twitter which defying tradition. On the heels of this data about the greying of Twitter is news about John Prescott’s social media initiative to raise the profile of global climate change. Prezza, about as youthful as a walking stick.....