The CrackBerry Epidemic

According to Employment law firm Peninsula, BlackBerry “users” are working an extra 15 hours a weekbecause of the always-on nature of the device. BlackBerry owner’s workweeks have, thus, ballooned to 55 hours a week which, apparently, is a threat to their work-life balance.

That’s quite an achievement for an innocent, pocket-sized device like the BlackBerry.

Actually, the reality is more complex than this. The BlackBerry doesn’t impose itself on innocent people; it’s people who impose themselves on their innocent BlackBerry. Those of us who own smart devices like the BlackBerry are already motivated to work harder, connect faster and longer, and get ahead quicker than our unconnected workmates. Senior managers should take note and act accordingly. Staff who choose not to use the BlackBerry are probably suspect and should be either re-educated in the reality of the always-on office or let go.......

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