Digital Vertigo

I’ve been extremely busy recently reorganising my commitments andschedules. This post is by way of an update on some of my key recent developments:  a new book deal, new US and International speaker representation, and a new weekly newspaper column.

Steve Hanselman, my literary agent at Level 5 Media, has closed negotiations on the US rights to my forthcoming book with New-York based St. Martins Press. The new book, provisionally entitled DIGITAL VERTIGO: Loneliness, Anxiety and Inequality in the Social Media Age will be a contemplative defense of privacy rights and genuine human interaction in the social networking era. Michael Flamini, who has published many fine books including Kevin Sessums' New York Times bestselling Mississippi Sissy: A Memoir, and James Paul Gee's What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy, will be my editor at St Martins.

Steve Hanselman is currently organising the publishing rights to Digital Vertigo outside of the US. Any Inquiries concerning international markets should be directed to him at

It makes sense to be represented within the US as a speaker by my publisher’s parent company, the Macmillan Publishing Group. I’m pleased to now be in the capable hands of Macmillan Speakers, who broker gigs for a number of their top authors. To book me to speak at a US event, please email Ellis Trevor, the manager of Macmillan Speakers, at

Since many of my speaking engagements are outside the US, I'm also very pleased to have signed with the prestigious London Speakers Bureau, the most international agency in the world, who will manage my non-US, international engagements. To enquire about speaking bookings anywhere in Europe, Asia, Latin America or Africa, please contact LSB director Tom Kenyon-Slaney at  

The London Daily Telegraph is the most widely circulated serious British newspaper, with a very impressive reader numbers both in the UK and around the world. I've been signed by the Telegraph to write both a new weekly column and semi-daily blog posts. My first Telegraph column, Blood on The Streets, about Twitter and Iran, appeared a couple of weeks ago, and my blog just launched this week on the Daily Telegraph website with a short review of the iPhone 3GS. Please do head over there and enjoy both the posts and the extensive comments they're attracting.

Having committed myself to writing about technology, media and culture for the Daily Telegraph, this blog will revert to becoming my personal diary. Please stay tuned. It won't be as boring as it sounds.