Jobs for Sarah

Dahlia Lithwick suggests that McCain should nominate Palin for the Supreme Court, arguing that she is certainly as well qualified as Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia. Perhaps. But there are many other powerful jobs to which she is equally well suited:

  • President of Pakistan -- Sarah is certainly more politically well qualified and as sensitive to the complexity of the Moslem world than the sexist Pervez Musharaff.
  • The next Queen of England -- Sarah is definitely a more authentic candidate than the elitist Prince Charles.
  • Google's Chief Evangelist -- Sarah would certainly be more compelling evangelist of the "people's algorithm" than space cadet Vint Cerf.
  • US Envoy in the Middle East -- As a "people person", Sarah is certainly qualified for this easy-to-learn, part-time position.
  • The Pope -- While she isn't formally a Catholic, she is a "believing" Christian who could quickly master the simple doctrine of this niche church.
  • Secretary General of NATO -- As Sarah has explained, we must not have "another Cold War". As head of NATO, she can explain this in detail to Vladimir Putin. 
  • Publisher of the New York Times Company -- Sarah has the necessary grasp of mainstream media to save the old grey lady.
  • Manager of Newcastle United football club -- Many people on Tyneside believe Sarah is the messiah which will finally bring a trophy to St James Park after the forty year drought.

Any other suggestions of appropriate jobs for Sarah?