Rothschilding from below

RothschildlargeI'm guessing it's April 1st, at least in the offices of the Wall Street Journal, where the closest thing American has to an ancien regime aristocrat, a pearl encrusted East Coast hostess called Lynn Forester de Rothschild (yes that's her), has written an op-ed this morning entitled "Democrats need to shake the "elitist" tag". The chutzpah of the wife of super rich scion Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is too much for even an absurdist like myself. Declaring herself a "lifelong Democrat", this anti elitist aristocrat says:

I worked for Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and supported Sen. Hillary Clinton in her presidential campaign. But I must face the uncomfortable truth that liberal elitism has been a weakness of the Democratic Party for more than half a century.

Sounding like a bizarre mash-up of Kevin Kelly and Stephen Colbert, de Rothschild -- the CEO of a London based investment house called EL Rothschild -- says that Obama has failed to make the election about "you":

Despite Mr. Obama's assertions that his campaign is about "you," much of his campaign is, in fact, all about him. In the months since the primaries ended, his creation and display of a mock presidential seal with his name on it, his speech at a mass rally at the Prussian Victory Column in Berlin, and his insistence on delivering his acceptance speech in front of fabricated Greek columns in a stadium holding 80,000 chanting supporters have crossed the thin line that separates galvanizing voters and plain old demagoguery.

What the hell is she talking about? Of course the campaign should be about Obama -- he's the candidate, the brains, the once-in-a-lifetime-guy who is hopefully going to be the next President. Surely American politics isn't about to completely disappear down the Web 2.0. sinkhole. It's enough to make me nostalgic for French revolutionary guillotine when the wise crowd publicly decapitated pearl-encrusted ladies of Lynn Forester de Rothschild's noble hypocrisy.