An army of Sarah Palins

Has David Carr been bitten by the Palin bug?  The normally cool cat is almost gushing about the damn woman in today's Times:

Her cultural resonance is familiar to anyone who’s ever read a fashionmakeover article or clipped “Lose the Baby Fat in a Month!” But it is fundamentally different from what we’ve come to expect from women running for higher office. Senator Clinton is a politician who also happens to be a wife and mother. Ms. Palin is a wife and mother who also happens to be a politician. She is a parent of five who joyfully juggles it all, up to and including firing the chef and the driver, a kind of aspirational model that still seems attainable.

Oh yeah? A wife and mother who also happens to be a politician. Translated into english, that means a less than part-time politician who squeezes in a bit of legislation on the side. Sounds to me like a libertarian utopia, Glenn Reynolds' Army of David style. Like the "aspirational" and "attainable" Ms Palin, we can all be politicians now, between the cooking and washing up, the soccer practices, the hunting expeditions and the occasional trips to the moon.

Welcome to the 21st century -- where the state has withered away and been replaced by an army of Sarah Palins.