As the world sniggers

02palin600The all-blue Cindy McCain is obviously not amused to be associated with such white trash.

The rest of the world, however, is having a lot of fun with the Palin soap opera. The BBC's Justin Webb has two words for us: Thomas Eagleton. Others are suggesting Tim Pawlenty as a band-aid. ABP should be the cry from the RNC -- Anyone But Palin.

Why are smart conservatives like Ross Douthat, Bill Kristol and David Brooks trying to intellectualize this one? Tell the truth, guys. McCain's Palin pick has set new low standards for political misjudgment.  This week's Weekly Standard asks whether Palin is "the one we've been waiting for". Actually, she's the one that all Democrats have been waiting for since 2000. Historians will tell us that the Presidential election happened early in 2008. It was all over by the Monday after Labor Day weekend.