The cred crisis

My friends -- to borrow an expression from the now friendful John McCain -- we are facing a cred crisis. Not the credit crisis -- although anyone trying to get a mortgage knows there is one. No, what we are facing is a credibility crisis. Nobody believes what anyone else is saying anymore.

Thus the supposed need for a new news service called Newscred which claims to house all the world's "credible news in one place." Newscred allows us to read, personalize and, of course, vote about which "articles, journalists and news sources are credible and which ones aren't." And so Newscred aggregates the cred of the crowd and then feeds it back to all of us -- thus solving the cred crisis.

Clever, eh? There's one problem, though. In a Newscred world, how are we supposed to determine credibility? How do we all know what to trust in the newspapers? And why should we trust the other members of the Newscred community? The truth is that the blind lead the blind on Newscred. It should be renamed BlindSquared.

There's one other problem too. I don't trust Newscred. Having just snooped around the website myself, I was confronted by headlines about BB gun-shooting neighbors, that marine monster Phelps and other fishy nonsense. This isn't credible. It's even worse that mainstream media.

I may be naive, but I know what I trust. I trust edited newspapers like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and the London Independent and the London Guardian and the Financial Times. My friends, the cred crisis hasn't reached me yet -- I still believe what I read.