Philip Roth on media

In his novel "The Plot Against America," a parable about an America that failed to keep abreast of current events (and thus drifted in fascism), Philip Roth explains the point of media:

"On the weekends, when Mr Tirschwell was working, my father would take Sandy and me to be furher educated at the Newsreel Theater. Mr Tirschwell would leave free passes at the box office for us and each time my father brought us up to the projection booth after the show he would give the same civics lecture. He'd tell us that in a democracy, keeping abreast of current events was a citizen's most important duty and that you could never start too early to be informed about the news of the day."

Exactly. KEEPING ABREAST OF CURRENT EVENTS IS A CITIZEN'S MOST IMPORTANT DUTY. More important, of course, than critiquing media. More important than exposing media conspiracies. Certainly more important than authoring the media oneself.