For $50 YOU can be Obama's partner

Obama has 1.5 million Internet donors. But what, exactly, should his relationship be with his own mass movement of donors? And how can he guarantee that they will continue to fund his campaign?

According to Eli Pariser, executive director of Moveon, Obama is guaranteed more cash "as long as he doesn't treat them as an A.T.M, but as partners in the movement."

"Partners in the movement," eh! What does this mean? The "movement" is Obama's Presidential candidacy. Nothing more or less. But it's the word "partner" which fundamentally misunderstands the nature of American representative democracy. A small donor is a small donor and a small donation deserves nothing more than an email thank-you. Obama has only one partner -- feisty, fisty Michelle. And she's given him a lot more than a fifty buck online donation.