EXPOSED: The New York Times gets tattooed

25mag190_3So this is how the New York Times rewards me. After writing wonderful things about the hitherto authoritative newspaper for years, the old lady has paid me back by publishing the most shamefully intimate confessions of a Gawker blogger called Emily Gould. Appropriately entitled "Exposed", it's the cover story of this Sunday's magazine.   

How the mighty have fallen. Under inane headings like "oversharing", "the feedback loop", "famous for 15 people" Ms Gould subjects us to the most naked manifestation of digital narcissism since the Berkeley bagel, Dave Winer, invented the godawful blog back in the Nineties. Oh dear. In one disgracefully indulgent essay, The Times has sullied its reputation forever. Expect Tom Friedman, John Burns, Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman et al to resign immediately. Journalists with their experience and integrity shouldn't have to compete for space with tattooed young ladies who flaunt their most intimate thoughts on the public Internet.

Note to Times Executive Editor Bill Keller: Why Bill, why?