Is new media is killing journalism?

Just back from London where I participated in UNESCO's World Press Freedom Day Debate: "New Media is Killing Journalism" with the BBC World Service and Radio 4'sRobin Lustig, Kim Fletcher (ex editor-in-chief of the Sunday Independent) and the Iranian journalist Nazenin Ansari. To get an overview of my argument, see my piece in Guardian Unlimited. The event, held at London's venerable Frontline Club, was sold-out. You can check out the whole debate on the Frontline or UNESCO's UK website.

A word of warning, though. I lost. My argument that new media is indeed killing journalism wasn't popular. I teamed up with Kim Fletcher and we were crushed by the Lustig and Ansari team. We got less than 20% of the wise Frontline club audience vote who decided that new media is not, in fact, killing journalism. Lustig, in particular, performed with his trademark brilliance. That this radio icon, who epitomizes the best of old media, should be arguing in favor of the democratized Internet, might be seen as slightly ironic. But then again, my own role as the amateur defender of professional journalism is also a bit paradoxical.