In defence of elitism -- Yo Barack!

First confession: I've always been an irrationally exuberant Hillary fan -- loving the broken-hearted lady to death when everyone else has concluded that her heart isn't the only thing that's broken. I think she would be a superbly flawed president for a superbly flawed country. She's got just the right amount of moral turpitude for a country that is morally turpitudinous. She's the deeply flawed narrative that I've been dreaming about in my deeply flawed dreams. Nothing beats a story of a scorned woman who finally gets to run a scorned country. She is exactly what America deserves.

Second confession: Obama has finally broken through with me. I didn't care for the guy when he spent his time feeding us all that feel-good communitarian crap about how wonderfully publicly spirited we all are. But now that he's become an "elitist" and "divisive" (according to Hillary, at least), Obama might have my vote. Finally, the guy has said something true; finally he's got on the offensive and become offensive.

Last week in San Francisco, Obama finally said something undeniably true. He said that working class Americans were "bitter" about their own failure to survive in the globalized American economy. Thus Spoke Obama. What becomes of the broken-hearted, Barack? They become racists and misanthropes (ie: gun-owners and church-goers). Yo Barack! Now, why don't you tell a few more "divisive" and "elitist" truths. Tell Americans that they should pay higher taxes. Tell them that religion is another scam for the broken-hearted. Tell them that small-town America is bitter because it has failed.

That's exactly what America deserves.