Globalization and its e-(dis)contents

9789029081191I'm in Northern Europe all of next week, speaking about globalization, culture and media. For the first part of the week, I'll be in Belgium and Holland, celebrating the release of the Dutch language version of Cult (note the orange and purple monkey cover -- an excellent pictorial representation of the long tail concept), published by the distinguished house of Meulenhoff. I'll be doing press and television in Brussels all day on Monday, then in Amsterdam from Tuesday to Thursday to do more media, lecture at the university and hopefully having time to wander around that magical city. My trip will also coincide with the broadcast of "Wiki's Waarheid", a documentary program about Wikipedia made by the public Dutch tv broadcast company VPRO/Tegenlicht. This show features extensive interviews with both Jimmy Wales and myself and promises to be a particularly intelligent investigation of the whole wiki-brouhaha.

In Amsterdam, I'm particularly honored to be giving the 21st Felix Meritis lecture on Globalization on Tuesday evening at the European Center for Arts and Sciences. Previous speakers in the series include Joseph Stiglitz, Tariq Ramadan, Naomi Klein, Tariq Ali and Tom Friedman. The speech will give me an opportunity to critically explore the way in which Web 2.0 revolution is impacting upon the developing countries of the South.

On Thursday, I fly to Helsinki, where I'm keynoting the Helsinki International Media Conference first thing on Friday morning. This is a fabulous sounding event and I'm thrilled that one fellow speaker is the legendary Norwegian journalist Asne Seierstadt, the author of the Bookseller of Kabul and the upcoming Angel of Grozny.

It promises to be a great week. Please email me ( if you want to get together in either Brussels, Amsterdam or Helsinki.