Why do conservatives love Obama?

Photo_about_firstladyAnyone who has been following the video conversation with my friend Steve Gillmor knows that I'm a passionate Hilary Clinton fan -- the ultimate star-struck political teenybopper. I l confess that I love the liberal lady to death and I'm extremely depressed that Democrats seem to be passing her up for that windbag Harvard Law grad from Honolulu/Chicago (full disclosure: my wife was at HLS at the same time as the fellow -- so I'm very familiar with sanctimonious Harvard Law School windbaggery).

What I can't figure out is why Obama is so beloved by radical conservatives. Reading Peggy Noonan's celebration  of Obama's supposed victory of Hillary in Saturday's Wall Street Journal was surreal enough, but then we had Bill Kristol in today's New York Times delightedly claiming Obama has momentum. As Paul Krugman, the only guy maintaining his sanity in mainstream media's Obamamanic atmosphere, also wrote in today's Times, we are now seeing a cult of personality develop around the freshman Senator from Illinois.

So what's going on here? The Obama people will, no doubt, tell us that their candidate is post-ideology, bipartisan, bringing the country together, talking to real people, blah blah blah. Bipartisanship my arse. Either you are on the left or the right, either you are a liberal or a conservative, either you believe in raising taxes or you believe in dismantling the state. My guess is that it is the radical conservatives who have seen through Obama -- they know he's all windbaggery and no concrete politics, they know that he lacks the experience, the team, the understanding, the ideology, to put America back together again.

Or maybe it's because many neo-cons (including, for example, Kristol's dad, Irving) are ex Trotskyites who have never been able to resist a good cult of personality.

If you want competent government, vote Hillary; if you want to feel good about yourself, vote Obama.