TV and online video

CNN Kill your Internet - CNN's Asieh Namdar speaks with Andrew Keen 10/13/2007 (link)

DIGITAL AGE How Bad Is The Net? -  an interview by James Goodale 10/7/2007 (link)

PBS The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer 9/18/2007 (link)

THE FRONTLINECLUB.COM  9/6/2007  (link)

COMEDY CENTRAL The Colbert Report  8/16/2007 (link)


GREGORY MANTELL SHOW  8/1/2007  (link)

ABC NEWS Is the internet killing our culture?  7/31/2007 (link)

SUPERNOVA 2007 A debate with David Weinberger 7/9/2007  (link)

NBC/WCSH6  Author Thinks Blogs Are Bad Way To Get News  6/25/2007 (link)  

SALON.COM Coffee with Chou 6/22/2007 (link)  

CBS 5 Internet Called 'Eruption Of The Untalented' Sue Kwon 6/20/2007 (link)

FORA TV Cody Books event: a discussion with Ori Brafman 6/15/2007 (link)

BUSINESS WEEK Interview with Diane Brady 6/13/2007 (link

CNN Blogosphere outrage - Interview with Paula Newton 6/13/2007 (link)

MSNBC Is the Internet dumbing us down? 6/5/2007 (link)

BBC NEWSNIGHT Web Trust Question 6/5/2007 (link)

GOOGLE Andrew speaks at Google headquarters 6/5/2007 (link

VIRTUEEL PLATFORM Cultuur 2.0 Interview by Bram Alkemar 5/3/2007 (link)