Etes-vous elitiste?

The French have discovered CULT. "Etes-vous elitiste?" I was asked by Les Echos, the French version of the Financial Times. I've even been christened "l'Anti-christ de la Silicon Valley" by Liberation,the French leftist daily. Both articles are actually very intelligent and reflect a growing interest in my work in continental Europe. I just accepted an invitation to speak at LeWeb3 in Paris in December. I'll be speaking at the Crossmedia Picnic event in late September. And I'll be keynoting a number of other events in Europe in the Fall including the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers in Frankfurt in October and Online Educa Berlin in late November.

In real life, of course, I'm neither un elitiste nor l'antichrist.  Want proof? Come and hear me talk. I'll actually be in Europe all of next week, lecturing about the future of media, culture and technology:

09/04   Royal Society for the Arts, London (6.00 pm)
09/05   Toward a Social Science of Web 2.0, University of York  (6.00 pm) -- in debate with Charles      

            Leadbeater, one of the UK's most distinguished digital optimists.
09/06   Frontline Club, London (7.30 pm) -- introduced by Richard Sambrooke, director of BBC's Global

09/07   IJP Alumni Conference, Bonn (noon)
09/07   Watershed Media Center, 25th Anniversary Celebration, Bristol (7.00 pm) -- in conversation with

            filmmaker Ana Kronschnabl and writer/director Hazel Grian.