Am I Nazi?

And so I got Truthified by Colbert. First of all, the Truthificator got me to confess publicly, in front of Colbert-nation, that I'm an elitist. Then he got me to acknowledge that the Internets (sic) is worse than the Nazis.

But Colbert didn't take the next  logical step that would have revealed my real identity.  The grand Truthpoobah failed to ask me the all-important question, the one that would have the most appalling truth about me. If I'm an elitist and the Internets (sic) is worse than the Nazis, then doesn't that make me a full-blown National Socialist -- maybe a senior level SS officer or even a member of the Fuhrer's inner circle, an anti digital Goebbels or Himmler?

So am I really a Nazi?

I'm not saying -- not here, not on a sad little blog (even if it's my own sad little blog). But if Colbert has me onto his show again, I'll tell him. He can ask me anything; I'll confess all to the Truthmonster.

What a pathetically ingratiating way to worm another invitation onto the Colbert Report, eh?

And in such poor taste.