An authentic luddite vacation

BtcmapEven a disgraceful fascist luddite communist control freak monarchist failed dotcom entrepreneur like myself needs to take a vacation. So I'm off to Berkeley's legendary Tuolumne family camp tomorrow. It's a mini Berkeley in the Sierra's and -- with no email, phone or electricity -- an idyllic place for me to be an authentically disgraceful luddite for a few blissful days.

What to do without email? In addition to entertaining wives (just one, in fact) and children, there's always multiple books -- which can be read in the sunshine during the day and by candlelight at night. Here's my reading list for Tuolumne this year:

Hanna Arendt, Between Past and Future (particularly her essay "What is Authority" -- lovely new Penguin edition, btw)

Simon Head, The New Ruthless Economy (I just read Head''s excellent essay "They are micromanaging your every move" in the latest New York Review of Books).

Eugene Kennedy and Sara Charles, Authority (I just read Richard Sennett's slightly disappointing Authority -- I'm currently reading everything about authority that I can get my hands on)

Gunter Grass, Peeling the Onion (I also just read Timothy Garton Ash's amazing "The Road to Danzig" in the latest New York Review)

Brian Doherty, Radicals for Capitalism (I've got to get a more concrete historical grasp of libertarianism)

Does anyone have any other good suggestions for interesting books on either authority or libertarianism?