Google pincered

It's nice to be on the same page as the Financial Times' illustrious Lex Column. In a pithy piece entitled "Googlesoft", Today's Lex says:

Google might not like the idea but it feels more like Microsoftby the day. A plucky upstart fewer than 10 years ago, it is now the most feared company in the internet sector. Just as Microsoft once towered above the software industry and terrified rivals whenever it entered a new area, Google now does the same.

Meanwhile, in an op-ed piece in today's Los Angeles Times which rhetorically asks "Is Google's data grinder dangerous?" I suggest:

What does Google really want? Google wants to dominate. Its proposed $3.1-billion acquisition of DoubleClick threatens to make the company utterly dominant in the online advertising business. The $1.65-billion acquisition of YouTube last year made it by far the dominant player in the online video market. And, with a personalized service like iGoogle, the company is seeking to become the algorithmic monopolist of our online behavior.

The word is finally getting out. Google is one fearful monster, the King Kong of Silicon Valley. And it's data grinder is a danger to all our liberty. Beware Google and its hubristic ambition to know us better than we know ourselves. Bill Gates wanted to monopolize our desktop; now Eric Schmidt wants to monopolize our minds.