Who am I?

There seems to be some debate as to who I am. Cory Doctorow says that I'm a "failed dotcom entrepreneur". One bouncy young lady (from a website called, appropriately enough, Boing Boing) that I debated on the KCRW show To The Point said I was "disgraceful". Another young lady in the audience at the World Advertising Research Council event in London accused me of being a "control freak". I've had angry emails from people who listened to me on the Coast-to-Coast call-in radio show this weekend suggesting, in no uncertain language, that I'm a "communist", a "fascist" and a "monarchist." Meanwhile, Clay Shirky argues that even though I love technology and own four computers, I'm still a "Luddite".

So, this is what I am: "a disgraceful fascist luddite communist control freak monarchist failed dotcom entrepreneur". I think that's a pretty fair description of who I am. Now I'm not saying that I'm better than anyone else (especially you) -- but who else can claim such a distinguished identity?

Does that make me, as the Guardian's Victor Keegan suggested, the Martin Luther of Internet Counter-Reformation?