Me and David Hockney -- married at last

Davidhockney_r10_c02 I've finally made it. I've joined David Hockney's exclusive crowd. According to Peter Griffin in the New Zealand Herald newspaper, iconic pop artist Hockney and I are both "cranky old men". Apparently Hockney went off against the iPod blaming it for the "decline in visual awareness." Then there's me, blaming Web 2.0 for the decline in western civ. Here's Griffin on me and Dave:

Are the iPod and the Web 2.0 eroding culture or are Keen and Hockney just cranky old men who can't relate to the multimedia-obsessed, user-generated, mashed-up digital world we now live in?

Now I'm waiting for somebody to compare me to another cranky old man -- George Lucas. Poor old George can't relate to the mashed-up world either. Here's what Lucas said at the D conference about the difference between YouTube voyeurism and real movies:

What do you think of Internet video? Lucas says there are two forms of entertainment: circus and art. Circus is random, he says: “feeding Christians to the lions”–or, he says, as the term in Hollywood goes–”throw a puppy on the highway. … You don’t have to write anything or really do anything. It’s voyeuristic.” In short, he says, it’s YouTube. Art is not random, Lucas says. “It’s storytelling. It’s insightful. It’s amusing.”

In other, non cranky news, I had a fun interview on NPR's Saturday Weekend Edition. My interview with Moira Gunn on NPR's Tech Nation is live, as is my appearance on CNN International. Also, see Loren Feldman's glittering debut on the Huffington Post in which the mensch plugs CULT.

And for those of you who want to see five cranky old men in action tomorrow (Tues) night, please come to a debate at Campbell's Barnes and Noble bookstore (near San Jose) featuring Nick Carr, Steve Gilmor, Keith Teare, Dan Farber and myself. This Deathmatch 2007 kicks off at 7.00 and promises to be more circus than art. Actually, Farber, Gilmor and Teare might be old, but they aren't cranky. And Carr seems to be emancipating himself of his crankiness. So it will be four old men and one crank. I just hope they don't throw me on the highway and then put the movie up on YouTube.