Life is elsewhere

I am currently at the Wall Street Journal's All Things D conference in Carlsbad, Calif where I am rubbing shoulders and other body parts with fellow digital reprobates like Martha Stewart and Frank Quattrone. Last night John McCain -- who certainly is no reprobate -- spoke (quite well, I thought). Today, it's the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates show. The two founders of the personal computer age are on stage together. Perhaps they'll announce a "strategic alliance" of Apple and Microsoft -- as a clever anti Google play.

But my life, my real life, is elsewhere. Today, I am actually playing simultaneously in Holland where I am involved in an interesting virtual debate at the Cultuur 2.0 event against Web 2.0 utopian Charlie Leadbeater. My recorded video is playing live in Amsterdam to a group of Web 2.0 visionaries. Have fun with it, guys. And be kind to me, even though I can't be with you.

Such is the life of a digital reprobate. Next thing you know, I'll have a MySpace page and a billboard for my book on Second Life. Or maybe I should (re)create myself as a digital avatar so that I really can be in two places at one time.