Jeff gets Strumpetted

Jeff Jarvis isn't sure if he wants to debate me about the efficacy of the Web 2.0 revolution. So he asked the crowd for their opinion. I thought that the responses were hilarious, both for and against (I particularly enjoyed the most uncrowd-like wisdom of Jay Rosen). But I wonder if Jeff is being a bit of a secret mainstream media type in his editing of critical comments. For example, Amanda Chapel sent this to Jeff at 10.00 am yesterday:

DON'T DEBATE HIM!  Seriously, if you love your family, if you have ANY sense
of empathy for the 6 million pitchfork and torch bearing OS losers who cling
to the hope of a new free world where everyone's a star and theft is the
standard... don't. Keen will rip you to shreds.  You'll end up doing movie
reviews per diem for Channel 3 in Peoria.

Actually, might not be a bad idea. Surely, the Peoria gig pays more than
you're making blogging and pontificating at endless conferences.

Just a thought.


Amanda Chapel
Managing Editor

But Amanda's suggestion hasn't appeared on Buzzmachine. Oh dear. I hope Jeff will eventually publish it.  Especially since, for once, Amanda is wrong. If I do end up debating Jeff, I fear he'll tear me to shreds and I'll be the poor slob exiled Peoria as a television reviewer (do they even have tv yet in Peoria?)