On Hollywood

Thumbnail_1178079281picture_4It was me against Justin TV yesterday, a debate about the future of western civilization between a guy with a camera on his head and the world's most violent critic of Arseblog. ZDNet's Dan Farber moderated with his typical good humor and intelligence. And marketing maven Bill Cleary added his entertaining anthropological insights into the future of both media and the human race.

It happened at Tony Perkins' On Hollywood event at LA's nostalgic Roosevelt Hotel. The video reveals my poor choice of socks and Justin's third eye.  Justin, I hate to admit, is a really nice guy (if somewhat misguided in his choice both of career and headgear). If only the rest of the Web 2.0 nomenklatura had his good manners and grace.

Dan_farber_andrew_keen On Hollywood's elite crowd seemed to enjoy the spectacle. Or mostly anyway. One semi literate VC, Bijan Sabet (from Spark Capital), was "apalled" by my Pamela Anderson/Marie Curie Wikipedia argument. Others were kinder and more grammatical. Here's Ubergizmo ubergirl Eliane Fiolet explaining why I don't dig Digg. While nice guy Chris Brogan thinks I am new media's new favorite bad guy.

On Hollywood was fun. It was a treat seeing golden Arianna in the flesh. And I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Web 4.0 (virtual reality in Hollywood) -- when we all get eaten by our screens.