Game on

A typically lucid piece by Bryan Appleyard in the London Sunday Times about the evolving Web 2.0 debate. Appleyard puts me in the critical camp, with kindred sceptics like political pundit Oliver Kamm and The Guardian's Jonathan Freedland. Appleyard rounds up the usual suspects -- Chris Anderson, Tim O'Reilly, James Surowiecki -- for the Web 2.0 team. He's right, of course. The debate is now unfolding. It's game on. Now the fun begins.

Stefan Stern also has a very engaging Web 2.0 themed column in this morning's FT about the value of corporate secrecy. He quotes me on Apple -- both the most secretive and innovative company in the Valley. Whoops. Given the revelations today by former Apple CFO Fred Anderson, perhaps it isn't smart to be quite as paranoid, secretive and, I fear, greedy as Steve Jobs. But I still don't buy the idea that corporate openness is either particularly wise or virtuous. I would advise corporate titans to read Machiavelli rather than Rousseau.  Machiavelli said that fortune favors the brave. And the brave don't always tell the truth.