Why does sex sell?

Why does sex sell so well?

I just got the traffic reports from my ZDNet blog. Two posts got twenty times the combined traffic of all my other postings. The two guilty ZDNet entries?

1) HP reinvents sex

2) Free sex on Craigslist (which got over 100 minus votes -- surely a record...)

Neither had really anything to do with sex. The Hewlett-Packard post was about the marketing challenge of rebranding the oldest company in Silicon Valley. And Craigslist piece was a rather puritanical critique of the outrageous sexual services sold on the free bulletin board. Neither post had any erotic content, no grunting or moaning or climactic cries. There was no half naked models sprawled over personal computers. No real-time video of people copulating live on Craigslist.

So does this mean that ZDNet readers are all sex obsessed? Or does it imply that I attract a particularly dissolute audience of perverts?

Who wants to spank me?