Let's Trash My House

Here's one reason to discourage your kids from having a MySpace account.

A 17-year old girl in England called Rachel Bell wrote about her party on her MySpace page. One wild night of drink and sex that included kids as young as 11 and $40,000 worth of damage later to her family's home (Rachel's mother described the house as being "raped" with vomit, grafitti and urine), the consequences of Internet democracy are starkly displayed for all concerned parents.

Below is the kind of discourse that litters MySpace (including Rachel Bell's remorseless post party note):

A message at the MySpace site about the party, left on Wednesday at 12.10 : heyyy, have you heard anything from the party or have any updates. just apparantly we have some info that there was press there this mornin, talk of the woods is that there was helipcopters n cctv vans around the estate on the night but i was in the house then so i dunno

A reply, apparently from Rachel Bell,  left on Wednesday 12.38: haaa i no was'nt in any other photo's!! ekkk well i hope u liked the party ..was fuckin wild like!!!hmmm another lol???xx