Is dating La Strumpetta a punishment?

ChapelDoesn't seem like many techies want to date La Strumpetta. At least, that's the democratic feeling amongst the hard core opinionators on the ZDNet community.

Judging from the heartbreakingly negative reaction to my ZDNet piece about Tim O'Reilly's code of (mis)conduct, most people don't think that anonymous bloggers should be punished by being forced to go on a date with Amanda Chapel.

But I don't care what the crowd thinks. I truly believe that the right punishment for O'Reilly's idiotic idea of a self-policing blogosphere would be a date with La Strumpetta. Over a candlelight dinner, wide-eyed Tim could define Web 2.0 and then tell her all about the idealistic wonders of this democratized, flattened, interactive new medium. And judging from the look on her face, I imagine that after dinner La Strumpetta would be tying Tim down and giving him a very firm spanking for all his idealistic sins.