Fame (finally)

Finally I'm famous. At least with Balail, Khalid, Mohammed and Hussain.

An English as Second Language teacher is using Steven Levy's Newsweek article about me as a reading and writing assignment for his/her students. Here are the questions assigned for the week of March 26:


Choose the correct answer for each item and write the corresponding letter in the space provided.

____ 1. In his new book, what does Andrew Keen say the Internet is responsible for?
a. giving idiots too much authority
b. damaging social connections
c. bankrupting the publishing industry
d. eroding people's reading skills

____ 2. Which of the following would Keen say has been most damaged by the Internet?
a. filmmakers
b. hobbyists
c. school teachers
d. experts

Mark each statement with a "T" if it is true, or an "F" if it is false. Rewrite false statements to make them true.

____ 11. Newsweek's Steven Levy believes that high-quality Internet content will eventually win out over junk.

Write a brief response (no more than a sentence) to the following questions.

21. Newsweek's Steven Levy compares the Internet with what past technological invention?

WRITTEN RESPONSE: (Due on Wednesday)

What is the thesis of Andrew Keen's book? What story does "Invasion of the Web Amateurs" tell about Wikipedia? How does Keen respond to the latest Wikipedia incident? With which of Keen's points does Newsweek's Steven Levy agree? To what historical invention does Levy compare the Internet? What do optimists like Levy believe? What does Levy think might threaten high-quality journalism? What irony does Levy point out about Keen?

Not sure if I could answer the last bit. I've never noticed any "irony" about myself. So if Balail, Khalid, Mohammed and Hussain happen to be reading this, perhaps they can send (ak@aftertv.com) their answer to me too. In return, I'll correct any grammatical mistakes and explain, exactly, why today's Internet is giving idiots too much authority.