Life After TV

First they took away the commercials (TiVO). Then they replaced professional actors and scriptwriters with ordinary people trapped on desert islands or interviewing for roles as models and American idols. Soon the rabbit ears will be amputated, phone screens will display pay-per-download videos, and you'll be able to share home movies and vacation exploits in real time with a small network of family and friends, and even strangers.

What's there not to like?

A lot. Of course. To learn about Life After TV, come and hear me and three other prognosticators imagine the evolution in mass entertainment. Alongside Mary Hodder (Dabble), Evan Berg (Brightcove) and Joe Savage (FTTH Council), I'll be speaking at Berkeley's legendary Cybersalon this coming Sunday (March 25).

It kicks off at 5.00 at the Hillside Club (2286 Cedar St). Tickets are only $10 and that comes with unlimited tv nosh. The seriously sultry Sylvia Paull will be moderating the panel and, in her inimical fashion, she's sure to ask the most probing questions. So if you want to see me publicly probed, I'll look forward to seeing you in Berkeley this Sunday evening.