My one wish at TED

CULT OF THE AMATEUR formally gets it US launch on June 5 this year. But the book gets another kind of debut this week, at Monterey's illustrious TED Conference, where a galley is being given out to all attendees.

I'm thrilled and honored, of course, that TED has chosen CULT OF THE AMATEUR as the one book that they are giving out this year. And amused too -- I can't helping grinning at the thought of all those TEDsters getting my little grenade in their party bag. It's like Sunday morning GODsters being given a copy of Ricard Dawkins' The God Delusion by their pastor.

The conference is known for its TED Prize -- which grants world-historical figures like Bono and Dr Larry Brilliant one wish. So If could have one wish in terms of how TEDsters read my text? It would be for everyone to read the book from beginning to end without burning it or having a stroke. And then for them to post their thoughts on the TED forum especially built to publish their valuable user-generated-content.