Off to the races

What a wonderful feeling. THE CULT OF THE AMATEUR is done and I'm thrilled with it. Roger Scholl and Talia Krohn at Broadway/Currency books have done an absolutely brilliant editing job. Given the current euphoria about Web 2.0, the timing of the book couldn't be better. It's me against the world. I can't wait to be told by the rabble on blogosphere why I am so deluded.

Early responses from the handful of people who have read the first galley are generally very positive. Dan Farber over at ZDNet (for whom I will start writing this week) said it was "engaging", "controversial" and "provocative". Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, told me that it would force him to "rethink" many of his views. Even Sylvia Paull, Berkeley's own prom queen of Web 2.0 exuberance, aknowledged that the book was "erudite and witty" (if completely wrong).

And then there's my friend Dave Winer whose response wasn't quite so enthusiastic. I appreciate the gusto of Dave's opinions and respect his honesty and his appetite for virtue. I would love to participate in a public conversation with him in which we can discuss the issues he raises. I will also try to respond to his critique more substantively in my new ZDNet column.