Broadcasting your lying self

There's a new sheriff in Silicon Valley. Nick Denton's nastily virtuous Valleywag is finally exposing the gross hypocrisy of many of Web 2.0 most "idealistic"entrepreneurs and networkers. Valleywag confirms everything that i've been saying about Silicon Valley -- that the Web 2.0 movement is dominated by charlatans, thieves and scoundrels. Finally there's some moral accountability in the Valley.

Exhibit #1 is Auren Hoffman, the now notorious Silicon Valley huckster whose abuse of his own Wikipedia entry is hilarious. Here is slippery Hoffman, networker par-excellence and investor in Web 2.0 scams like Rapleaf, Meebo, BrightRoll and Socializr, who, as Valleywag reveals, cooked his own Wikipedia entry.

Classic, eh? I've been to Hoffman's brownbacking networking events and sat through lunch drivel about the wisdom-of-the-crowd, the future of ubiquitous information, the corruption of mainstream media blah blah blah. And now Mr Web 2.0 networker is exposed for what he really is -- a lying cheat who uses Web 2.0's editor free media to do his lying and cheating.

Here's the really funny thing. Hoffman's self-authored Wikipedia entry (written by pseudonymous "MLK Hamilton") is full of lies. Even the quotes he attributes to himself in his autobiographical Wikipedia entry aren't true. This is a quote from Hoffman published in the New York Times, his supposed claim to mainstream media fame:

"It's hard to go on a date in San Francisco and not go on a date with a girl who has not been in five triathlons, said Auren Hoffman, 31, the chairman of Stonebrick, a high-tech consulting company. That means that people go to bed early because they wake up at 7 a.m. to go on their run or their ride. The whole social scene changes because of sports."

But Hoffman is lying. I've lived in the San Francisco area for years and i've never even met a woman who knows what a triathlon is -- let alone entered one. It's just another figment of his fantasy life. So even when he's trying to tell the truth, he's lying. Auren Hoffman is an appropriate whipping-boy for the delusional sins of the Web 2.0 movement. Like Hoffman himself, it's a big sham, a gigantic lie convinced that it is telling the truth.