Yo YouRangster!

You read it here first (or second).....

Microsoft's $1.66 billion acquisition of wireless peer-to-peer video sharing YouRangster is a masterful stroke. I see it as simultaneously stunting Google, shunting Viacom, shafting News Corp and smacking Yahoo. It's a magnificent strategic maneouvre. We're now living in a YouRangster world.

Yo!! to Chuck Chenly, YouRanger's teenage founder. I was particularly struck by the "automatic proprietary rap-lyric encoding from blog RSS feeds" that is the key value-add in YouRangster. It's a brilliant move -- and it already makes YouTube seem so last week (yawn).

What I really love about Chenly is his commitment to global democratization and egalitarianism. Here is a young man who doesn't just have good thoughts, but he's actually going out and improving our global media ecosystem. I sense a young YouRangster who wants to bring cell phone video sharing technology to Africa's underprivileged. It doesn't surprise me that one of his earliest investors and supporters was Bono. Expect to see other global figures -- Bill and Hillary Clinton, David Beckham, Kofi Annan, Thomas Friedman, Martin Lukes -- soon appointed to the YouRangster board.

I also think that the peer-to-peer friendliness, what Chenly calls "digital community building" of YouRangster, might just be the answer to the civil war in Iraq. Bush should appoint Chenly his special envoy to Bagdad. Just give the Sunni and the Shia militias cellphones and YouRangster accounts. That should stop the killing. Let them create wireless video content together. It could even cheer up the underutilized Iraqi digital economy.

It is Chenly's youth that is so uplifting. If a teenager can create a $1.65 billion company in a few days, then we all have hope of innovating the world in our own image. Even TheGreatSeduction -- the global home of curmudgeonliness -- has been seduced by Chenly's example.

Yo YouRangster! (or should it be YouRangstah?)